Desenvolvimento de Projectos

A EuroSolution concebe, desenvolve e fabrica os mais variados equipamentos eletrónicos incluindo todas as peças, partes e módulos. Tudo isto para obter um ‘produto acabado’.

Garantimos assim o fornecimento de um equipamento totalmente completo assente no conceito ‘chave na mão’.

Podemos fabricar apenas as partes eletrónicas (hardware e/ ou software) se for apenas essa a necessidade do cliente.

A informação abaixo está disponível em língua Inglesa, se preferir contacte-nos e disponibilizaremos a necessária informação em língua Portuguesa.

EuroSolution specializes in electronics and software from initial concept through to prototyping.

We take on tough challenges and deliver leading edge solutions. If you need to gain a competitive advantage with a challenging, time and cost critical project, you can benefit from our expertise and innovation.

We have built a reputation for delivering good quality products with high innovation for several markets.

We have experience of wide range of technology available to implement your ideas fast and having a competitive price.

A non-disclosure agreement is signed to protect your design.

At EuroSolution we have over 15 years of commercial design experience in analog and digital electronic systems.
Our range includes telecommunications, led based products, solar products, traffic signs, solar street lights, Radio frequency systems (ISM 433/868MHz for Europe or 315/915MHz for Americas).

Working with you to make your design or idea into a functional prototype or a design optimized for production we provide a balance between design time and production cost with our extensive knowledge of ‘design for manufacture’.

Software is the key component of most electronic products. EuroSolution is skilled in providing a balanced hardware and software solution.
CE mark EMC Immunity and Emission design considerations, near field EMC emissions and Immunity, Electrostatic discharge.

From single prototypes to production run

Before we start on your project, it is vital that we fully understand your requirement. That is why an initial consultation session is so important.

In the case of a small job, this can be done on the telephone, or even by email. However, in other cases, it is better to have a face-to-face meeting. At this stage we can:

  • Assess your requirements
  • Suggest a plan of action
  • Discuss costs and time scales

Together we can plan a successful strategy for the work.

We can develop a specification of your idea and then produce a demonstrable prototype using Hardware plus software, we have found this to be the quickest and easiest way to prove your design.

All functional aspects of the device can be verified, and any shortcomings in the design brief will quickly emerge. At this stage you will have a working model to show your prospective customers, marketers, and financial backers.

A prototype allows you to

  • Prove the design specification
  • Show a working model to interested parties
  • Get feedback to modify/improve the product
  • A prototype is an essential step in the development of any product.

Embedded Software

We have expertise ranging from device level programming to total system architecture design, particularly in real time applications.

Systems Engineering & Electronics

Full system design of demanding, high performance applications, often with a platform approach to satisfy clients future needs. We take designs from initial concepts through component selection, schematics, costing, prototyping, simulation, validation and production design.

User Interfaces

We can develop systems that ensure complex systems are simple and intuitive to use. Applications range from small touch screens to multiple displays or PC based software for configure and programming the devices.

Turnkey Product Development

A turnkey product development service offering total peace of mind that the product innovation is in safe hands. Proven skills to take projects from derivation through to production.
From small to big series, all made in Europe.

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